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About Autrics

/aʊtrɪks/ OW-TRICKS



AUTRICS is a digital marketing company that specialises in providing companies with digital marketing services with a simple & affordable subscription.

It was a service created by NEXEA originally to support its Startup investments as digital marketing is a key component of high-growth Startups.


Our mission is to help businesses grow their sales faster by growing their online presence and marketing funnel.

How we can help you dominate the industry?

We see that SEO is still misunderstood in the world of marketing. At AUTRICS, we understand how SEO is getting more and more important, and a great tool for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors. It is a markerting outlet that brings you more qualified leads and customers. Studies show that the ROI resulting from SEO can even be better than the well-known traditional forms like TV and printed ads.

Generally, SEO provides better visibility, branding, web traffic, creditibility, and KYC. AT AUTRICS, we take care of all this for you. We make sure to have a deep understanding of your business and to find the right approach to get you high in google rankings. In a world in which every search starts online, Digital Marketing has never been so important.

Our Commitment

What makes us different is that we are very passionate about what we do. The creative and strategical work comes with a lot of commitment which we take very seriously. Our team consists of talented people who are more than excited to see your rankings increase.

Who Are We?

Autrics is a Malaysian SEO Agency, that offers full digital marketing services based on your needs. We are transparent in our work and educate our clients on how we will grow your revenue.

How we show
you results

Executing Digital Marketing is one thing but another is how to actually update and recommend the client. At AUTRICS, we make sure that we provide our clients with a monthly report on how your website is performing.

We want the client to have sight on the progress they are making and how it is turning out for them. That is why we create detailed analytics that show website performance and gives information to reflect on your strengths and weakneses, customer interest and the most effective keywords.