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Often neglected, On-page SEO factors are extremely important to get right. We audit your website to find these problems and fix them.


When Did You Last Get An On-page SEO Check?

It is not surprising if the answer was either never or years ago as SEO is complex and always changing from time to time. It is hard to keep up to date with new algorithm changes and Google’s demands.

You might be asking why is an On-page SEO check important?

Well, an On-page SEO check is a brief snapshot of pages that have errors pulling back your site from getting found. From checking, we improve the audited areas and are able to give insights if your current SEO strategy is working.

What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.

It deals with the basic structure of a website. In addition to publishing high-quality content, on page SEO includes optimizing your headlines, HTML tags ( title, meta, and header), and images. 

On page SEO aims to make sure your website has a high level of expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness that will improve your website’s visibility in the search results.

Why Does On Page
SEO Matter?

Today, Google is smart enough to understand what users are actually searching for when they type a query. Google delivers its search results that meet user intents such as informational, shopping, or navigational.

Organic web search or natural search engine results still sits at the top of traffic sources. If well implemented, On Page SEO will help to have targeted visitors knocking on your online doorstep. 

Of course, having good On Page SEO is no easy task, especially for those unfamiliar with SEO and how to run an optimized website.

If you’re in that position, don’t worry, as we at AUTRICS can help you achieve your SEO targets in an effective manner.

How Do We Perform On Page SEO?


1. Choose the right set of keywords

It is vital to use the right set of keywords which is relevant and commonly searched for. It will help you get to your target audience which is also likely to be your paying customers.

We will conduct extensive research on the keywords that will best suit your SEO campaign, and use them effectively to improve your SEO performance.

2. Use keywords in URLs

It needs to be a short, but clear and detailed keyword in the URL. By using keywords in the URLs it will improve your site’s rankings in SERPs as it will attract more traffic to your website.

Using them effectively may prove confusing at times, but at AUTRICS, we can help you optimize your URLs with minimal hassle. 

3. Choose good domain names

Domain names play an important role for people to decide whether they will visit the site or not. This requires you to choose a couple of words or names, not highly relevant to your business but short and descriptive.

It should be set in a way that tells visitors what your business offer. You have to make your domain consistent so that people can still load to the same page.

If you have old school domains, AUTRICS can help you get everything up to date and optimized for performance on search engines such as Google.

4. Optimize your meta data

  • Using  descriptive tags and names on media files

Proper names need to be used in the media files if you include them on your site. Additionally, media such as videos, pictures, GIFs and other non-text documents in your site to make your visitors stay longer in your site.

Using tags and short descriptions in your images and videos will also help in getting better ranking in the search engine as well.

  • Title tags

Title tags provide an initial cue or context that people will first see in their browsers before the whole page loads.

People will be more interested if you make your title tag unique and descriptive because people will be curious and would like to explore more on your website.

  • Meta Description

A summary or snippet of the content found on a particular page that would appear during search results.

It will entice readers to open your page and read more of the materials. Do not make mistake by creating a generic meta description and duplicate all your pages.

Meta descriptions will helps improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR), perception of the quality of the result and also the perception of what your website offers.

All this might seem daunting, but with the professional services of AUTRICS, we can ensure that your needs can be met with ease.

5. Create unique content that online users would want to read and share

Most importantly, you have to make sure your content is original and not copied from anywhere. Know that content is not only created to satisfy search engine web crawlers, but also to suit the needs of the people who visit the page.

So, you need to make sure your content is relevant and easy for people to understand. The higher the quality of your content, the higher the chances people will share and like it. It is vital that you use relevant keywords to your content.

Producing quality content takes a great deal of effort, knowledge, and experience. If you really want high-quality content, consult with us at AUTRICS, where we can provide quality content at affordable prices.

6. On-page SEO for different kinds of results

On-page SEO is also targeted on other media elements as they may appear in various forms in the SERP. 


  • Videos
  • Images
  • Other non-text content

Ideally, you should optimize these content to make it visible to search engine web crawlers. Make sure the filenames are descriptive and related to your main keyword.

Don’t worry if you’re unsure about how to approach this. If you want to find out more, you can always engage us at AUTRICS for consultations on how to run your On-Page SEO.

7. Create Service/Product specific Landing Pages

Having a specific page of your product or service is not only beneficial to the search engines but also to your potential customers and website visitors.

It will be a special platform for you to discuss in greater detail your product or service your company is offering and educate them on the features and benefits as well.

It’s vital to keep your attention on this page and research your most profitable keywords so you could properly insert them in the meta title and description, and create as many specific landing pages as possible for your product or service with its relevant keywords.

Of course, this is no easy feat. Building an effective website with good structure can be difficult, but we at AUTRICS can ensure that your website functions optimally on search engines to pull more traffic to your site.

What is included in On Page SEO?

 It is said that all on-page SEO elements fall into three main categories:

Content elements

High-quality page content is key here.

If you’re running your own website and want to produce content for it, you may find that you have little to no time to produce content while juggling your daily operations.

Instead, you can consider working with AUTRICS, where we can provide you with high-quality content at good prices that will surely improve your site.

HTML elements

  • Page titles
  • Headers
  • Meta descriptions
  • Image alt-text
  • Structured markup

These are all key parts of building a good site. With our expertise at AUTRICS, we are able to assist you with these tasks to take that burden off your mind.

Site architecture elements

  • Page URLs
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Site speed

Having a poorly structured website is a common pitfall that hurts most people and businesses. Fret not, for we can ensure that your website is optimally structured to compete on search engines.

How do we Enhance the User Experience
of your On Page Content?


Meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Responsive mobile design with same content and links

Clear Call-To-Action

Evaluate SERP and add desired media

Page Speed

Integrate social sharing buttons

What On-page SEO Factors We Look Out For


Unique and high-quality content
your users will find useful

Header Tags

H1s – H6s, to help Google understand what your website is all about.


Evaluate SERP & PPC, note which SERP features show up


Optimized via compression, proper names and alt text

Strategic Meta Data

Catch the attention of
people and Google

Social Proofs

Helping you customers gain trust with your brand and website

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