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Our Objectives For Website Building

In a world where every search starts online, website performance and website design are essential. The services that we offer are complementing each other and focus on these objectives.

We offer four different website buidling packages each depending on the client’s needs. They are template websites, semi-custom websites or customised websites. Additionally, we also redesign exsting pages.

We use WordPress as a website building script. It is the best script on the market when it comes to content management systems. We make your website also workable for mobile phones and tablets. WIthin WordPress we use Divi as the theme. It is a theme with great website design features and it is very user friendly. We will consult you on how to use both the software.

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Template websites

We prefer working with WordPress as it is well-designed for SEO, a secure platform to use and it contains thousands of templates. Our team will find you a template that fits your desires based on the goals, pages and our knowledge. 

The templates are very customizable with colours, text, images, videos and designs within the template.

This package would best suit businesses who have a smaller budget and are okay with the limitations of a template. 

Website Building

Website Building

Semi-custom Website Building

A semi-custom website is a further customised template. The package is for customers who want to have more control over the look than what the template provides.

The biggest difference with the template website is the price. Because there is more time involved than working with the existing codes, This package is more expensive. It is suitable for companies with a modest budget.

Custom Website Building

The customised website package is for companies who want to have full control over the look and the feel of the website.

Since this package is for the more advanced players, we would require to meet up and discuss the sitemap, design directions, all relevant pages and content etc.

The package is suitable for medium-large sized companies who have a sizeable budget.

Our team will take you step by step through every phase and make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

Website Building

Website Building

Website Design For Existing Websites

Besides creating new websites, we are also able to do website design for your existing pages. We will review your existing website, redesign it and install your changes. 

The price range is very dependable on the amount of work.

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