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Why Do You Need SEO analytics

There is a wide variety of analytics tools available that help you track your performance on SEO. It will tell you how much traffic each keyword brings to your website, which pages are most popular, and much more. These tools open a whole new world full of data that you can use to your benefit.

We set up all the relevant SEO analytics tools for you and provide you with monthly reporting on your performances. We know what measures help to perfectionise your results and can consult you where needed.

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Here are some benefits that these tools bring you

Find Out How Visitors Find Your Website

After having done your own keyword research, the right analytical tools can tell what keywords visitors use to find you.


What Pages Get the Most Clicks

You know which pages are most famous and get most clicks. This tells you both through which pages visitors enter and whether your campaigns are working.


You will know how many visitors visit your webste. You can segment your analytic result by new/returning visitors, topography and referral sources.

Data For Website Optimisation

With the analytical reports, you receive the feedback that you need. You can enhance pages that are not performing well.

And Much More

SEO Analytics Tools That We Use

SEO analytics


SEO analytics

Google My Business

SEO analytics

Google Analytics

SEO analytics

Google Search Console

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