Global Offshore Reefer Supplier

We supply offshore reefer containers internationally; equipped with Thermo King refrigeration and satellite tracking technologies.

Our reefers help you send more food offshore and help you plan your shipping routes to reduce your overall costs.

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Offshore Reefer Sizes

8ft Offshore Reefer (Ice Wave)

Common Questions About ISO 10855 Offshore Reefer Containers

10ft Offshore Reefer (Ice Storm)

Ex-Stock Offshore Reefers 

Rent, purchase, lease & sale. 

We supply offshore reefers internationally for a variety of service agreements.

As we ship internationally, we will need to first know where you would like to receive your orders.

Contact us, and we will help determine the costs of transporting your offshore reefers to you.

Our Industry Customers

Oil & Gas

Offshore Catering

Offshore Accommodation

Our Offshore Reefers Are Certified

DNV 2.7-1

ISO 10855

EN 12079

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MGS Offshore is committed in providing engineering services for client’s need and requirement. This is due to the fact, our engineering service is supported with large R&D department and we are constantly emphasized on improvement of our solution with respect to current technology.