Marketing Funnel

What is a Marketing Funnel

Your final aim for digital marketing would be to attract potential customers to your website. But that alone is not enough to convert them from visiting to taking action.

With a marketing funnel, you can make a structure on how to convert website visitors to customers.

For this strategic way of structuring your customer acquisition, we use a funnel because the objective is to narrow down the visitors to the ones that actually convert to customers.

An example marketing funnel for most e-commerce business would look like this:

  1. Customers visit the website
  2. Customers look at the products
  3. Customers add the products to a shopping list
  4. Customers purchase the items

Notice that in every step the focus is the customers. In this tool, you focus on the steps that the customer takes.

Also for e-commerce businesses, there are additional layers that can be implemented. Examples are online newsletter subscriptions and advertisements. 

What we can do for you

A marketing funnel is a great way to shape a marketing strategy. Converting web visitors to customers relevant after your SEO is working well.

At Autrics we can help you to create a strong and extensive funnel. We make sure that your funnel contains more than 1 strategy. Having an overview of your marketing funnel is very important to make your SEO work. That is why we offer clients a service to help them.

We would love to get in contact to explain you more about how a marketing funnel could help you. 

Why this tool is Important For Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Funnel

Helps You pick your Marketing Strategy

Marketing Funnel

Indirectly Generate More Sales

Marketing Funnel

Identify Your Customers

Marketing Funnel

Understand your customer acquisition and how to extend your reach

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